Project Management Training

Kaylog Project Management Company provide top-notch executive training programmes for individual and corporate entities. We are poised to do this having considered the importance of project management to all sectors of human and business endeavours in this century. We are proud to be at the fore-front to this change and our record and testimonies speaks for itself .

As a catalyst for this transformation our clientele base cut across, coupled with our consultancy experience in IT, Energy, FMCG, Construction among others.

Can we help your staff ability to close gap between strategy (GOALS) and eventual result (ROI)?

Our follow up training carve a niche for us in this sphere and will intend to keep that going and improved appropriately.

  • Certificate in Project Management Fund
  • Procurement Management Certification
  • Basic and Advance Certificate in Production Management Training
  • Warehousing and Inventory Certificate
  • Certificate in Business Analysis
  • Certified Sales and Marketing Analyst, among others

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